Selected Works

  • Mini_Art_Beat_1 Mini Art Beat
    Mini Art Beat

    Bespoke LED video mapping on car with user ‘selfies’ and motion graphics for the launch of the BMW MINI Countryman

    London, UK

    '#1 Mashable Viral Video Charts' 2013

  • Brazuca_1 Brazuca

    Live-broadcast projection mapping on building, animation and production for FIFA 2014 World Cup football launch for Adidas

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • SU2C_1 Stand Up 2 Cancer
    Stand Up 2 Cancer

    Live-broadcast projection mapping, visual content and stage design consulting for the UK’s Channel 4

    London, UK
  • Tour_is_a_four_letter_word_1 Tour is a Four Letter Word
    Tour is a Four Letter Word

    Stage design and visual content including 20 music videos with film, CGI, stop motion and hand-drawn animation for Jason Mraz

    World Tour
  • GREAT Festival of Creativity_1 2015 Great Festival of Creativity
    2015 Great Festival of Creativity

    Projection mapping and animation festival opening speech by Prince William

    Shanghai, China
  • Scuba_1 Scuba

    Stage design with interactive bespoke LED and visual content for video mapping

    World Tour

    'Best Live Act 2013' DJ Mag

  • London_Olympics_1 London Summer Olympic Games
    London Summer Olympic Games

    Bespoke LED video mapping and media control for 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies

    London, UK

    'World's Largest Screen' Guinness World Records

  • Sochi_Olympics_1 Sochi Winter Olympic Games
    Sochi Winter Olympic Games

    Bespoke LED video mapping and media control for 2014 Olympic Closing Ceremony

    Sochi, Russia
  • Nanjing_1 Rex

    Permanent LED installation and 5 hours of visual content for venue in trendy 1912 nightlife district

    Jiangsu, China
  • Window_of_the_world_1 Window On Our World
    Window On Our World

    Permanent immersive installation design with 360 projection mapping, film and animation for Ulster Museum

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    'Art Fund Prize' 2010

  • MANDY M.A.N.D.Y.

    Stage design and motion graphics for creative coding live-projection tour visuals

    World Tour
  • Blackberry_1 PlayBook

    Animation, projection mapping and stage design consulting for Blackberry tablet launch

    London, UK
  • Cubic_1 Cubic

    Stage design with bespoke LED and visual content including music videos for projection mapping for Eric Prydz

    World Tour
  • Epic_1 Epic

    Stage design with hologram, projection mapping, visual content including music videos with film and animation for Eric Prydz

    World Tour
  • Epic_2.0 Epic 2.0
    Epic 2.0

    Visual content including new music videos and hologram for Eric Prydz

    World Tour

    'The Must-See Live Shows of 2014' Mixmag

  • Epic_3.0_1 Epic 3.0 Madison Square Gardens
    Epic 3.0 Madison Square Gardens

    Bespoke hologram experiment and new visual content for Eric Prydz

    New York City, USA

    'World's Largest Hologram'

  • Bad_Beats_1 Bat Beats
    Bat Beats

    Interactive music experiment and mobile application for Bacardi at SXSW

    Austin, USA
  • jovi Because We Can
    Because We Can

    Projection mapping and transforming stage control for Bon Jovi

    World Tour
  • Studio_Killers_1 Studio Killers Experience
    Studio Killers Experience

    Hologram and motion graphics for Studio Killers

    Helsinki, Finland
  • Subfocus_1 Sub Focus
    Sub Focus

    Stage design with bespoke interactive LED instruments and motion graphics

    World Tour
  • Chase_and_status_1 Chase & Status
    Chase & Status

    Visual content and control including 8 music videos

    World Tour
  • Project_Icons Quadrophenia

    Stage design consulting and visual media control for The Who

    North America Tour
  • Painting_the_roses_1 Painting the Roses
    Painting the Roses

    Lighting installation for Chelsea Flower Show 100th Anniversary

    London, UK
  • Red_Box_1 Red Box
    Red Box

    Animation and projection mapping for Kia Motors, UK National Dealer Convention

    Birmingham, UK
  • Maze_1 Maze

    Stage design and motion graphics for projection mapping for Adam Beyer

    World Tour
  • Lights_On_1 Lights On
    Lights On

    LED video mapping, animation and bespoke light decoration control for Tesco Christmas television advert

    Wigan, UK
  • The_script_1 The Script
    The Script

    Visual content including 7 music videos with film, CGI and animation for The Script

    European Tour
  • Immersione_1 Immersion

    Stage design and visual content including 15 music videos for Pendulum

    World Tour

    'Knight Of Illumination' 2010 Nomination

  • Swedish_House_Mafia_1 One Night Only
    One Night Only

    Stage design, visual content and control for Swedish House Mafia

    World Tour
  • Deadmau5_1 Deadmau5

    Stage design and visual content

    World Tour

    '#1 Top Live 2009' DJ Mag

  • Ross_Lovegrove_1 Ross Lovegrove Collection
    Ross Lovegrove Collection

    Animation for the iconic Globe-Trotter suitcases special edition

    London, GB
  • Circle-of-the-Light_1 Circle of Light
    Circle of Light

    Projection mapping on building and visual content for the Moscow International Festival

    Moscow, Russia
  • Knife_Party Knife Party
    Knife Party

    Stage design and visual content

    World Tour
  • Storyteller_1 The Storyteller
    The Storyteller

    Projection mapping on building, film and animation for Illuminating York festival for City of York Council

    York, UK

    'Dulux Let's Colour 2015' Nominee

  • Screenplay_1 Screenplay

    Interactive installation in the Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall for Southbank Centre

    London, UK
  • Continental_GT_1 Continental GT
    Continental GT

    Projection mapping on car for Bentley Motors car launch

    London, UK
  • Start_Of_Science_1 Stars of Science
    Stars of Science

    Live broadcast interactive projection, video mapping and visual content for Qatar Foundation

    Doha, Qatar